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Our Price: $6.35

Mag Mount Coax Boot Protect your paint! Easy, slip on installation, this rubber boot will keep your paint safe without sacrificing communication quality.

3" ID
Roll Bar Antenna Mount
Our Price: $21.95

Roll Bar Antenna Mount Easy Antenna Install!
This Stainless Steel antenna mount makes it easy to install your PCI Race Radio.
Great for powder coated chassis, UTV's, sand rails or anywhere you need a quick antenna mount.
No welding or drilling required, the only installation tool necessary is a flat head screwdriver.
Fits 1.5 Clamp on design Includes hose clamps
Use 304 Stainless Steel
3.5mm 3 conductor audio input cable MP3 3 PIN
Our Price: $23.99

Recommended for inputting stereo audio into your intercom system

Works with: PCI 4 Link Pro, PCI Comlink X 3.5mm audio input Connects to 9 pin molex on the back of your intercom
Camera adapter for 4 link pro
Our Price: $29.95

3.5mm to 9 pin molex audio output
Record audio from your intercom and two way radio transmissions. Works great with the GO PRO HD HERO2 Camera.

Works with: PCI 4 Link Pro, PCI Comlink X (With modifications)
3.5mm audio output
Connects to 9 pin molex on the back of your intercom
PCI Deep Mount Coax
Our Price: $29.95

Permanent mount coaxial cable for race and chase vehicles
This high quality stranded coax uses a 3/8" hole and can be mounted in any roof or tab.

When routing your coax cable, keep it away from any ignition systems, computers and headset cables.
DO NOT coil any excess coax, this will choke your signal and may cause damage to your radio.
You can order a custom length coax exactly to your specifications.
17 Foot Length
DO NOT Coil Excess Route away from other cables and electronics Inspect your coax for pinch spots and kinks
RCA - 9pin Audio Input Stereo Adapter
Our Price: $29.99

Low Level Stereo Adapter
Our Price: $48.99

Velco Mount Push to talk button. Male Pins Coil Cord Compatible with: Comlink 10 Intercom Single Seat Harnesses P0505
5" Magnetic Mount Base with Cable and Male UHF Connector
Our Price: $49.99

3-1/4" ABS Magnet Mount Base Cable with 17' RG-58 Coaxial Cable and standard NMO threaded base.

Strong, powerful, 5" inch magnet will ensure that your antenna will stay on during riding.
Cable features standard UHF connector that works for both UHF and VHF radios including the Vertex VX2200 and others.
In this application, the term 'UHF connector' refers to the connector type and not frequency type.

Features: Solid Brass NMO Gold Contact Pin PTFE Insulator 17 Ft. RG-58 Cable: Tinned Copper Braid 95%, Solid Insulation, Stranded Tinned Copper Center Conductor UHF Male Connector

Challenger 2 Ear Pieces
Our Price: $89.99

Our Price: $239.95

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